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Together We Thrive: Black Business Network

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and the disproportionate impact of Black-owned businesses due to historical discriminatory practices and COVID-19, multiple banks and foundations have created, Together We Thrive: Black Business Network.

The initiative explicitly focuses on supporting and resourcing Black-owned businesses. Unlike other loan or grant programs, the initiative aims to provide a wraparound service. With Together We Thrive, Black-owned businesses will have access to capital, receive assistance to support their survival, technical assistance, and networking tailored to Black business owners' needs that ensure success and sustainability of Black-owned businesses in NYC.

Black-owned businesses in NYC can visit the website and sign up to be part of Together We Thrive. The website provides an intake form, and depending on what needs you identify; your business is matched with a technical assistance provider, a project-specific volunteer, or both.

Pace Small Business Development Center, the Columbia University Small Business Development Center, and Greater Jamaica Development Corporation will provide the initial technical assistance to your business. The initiative plans to add other technical assistance partners as the coalition grows.

The coalition is an initiative of United Way of New York that is supported by various nonprofits, corporate and government partners, including  Greater Jamaica Development CorporationHester StreetMoCafi, and a team at Perch Advisors that are determined to build back the financial health of Black-owned businesses, as well as align, activate and increase the capacity of existing systems to meet the needs of Black entrepreneurs.