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History of the Astor Place CUbe

The "Alamo" Astor Place Cube, currently away from the plaza due to construction, was first installed in 1967 as part of the Department of Cultural Affair's "Sculpture and the Environment" temporary art initiative. It was originally meant to be on display in Astor Place for a short 6-month period, but it was so popular with locals that the work became a permanent installation. The cube was created by Bernard "Tony" Rosenthal who named it The Alamo after his wife noted that its weight and presence reminded her of the Alamo Mission. 

Removed in October 2015 due to the Astor Place redevelopment project, the Cube is currently being restored and repainted off-site. With progress made on the Astor Place plazas, the Cube will be returned to its original location in the coming months.