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Creativity Cubed 2017 was themed "Faces, Places & Traces of the East Village", celebrating 50 years of East Village culture and counter culture.

Creativity Cubed

On the first truly hot day of 2017 Astor Place sizzled with colorful creativity as Creativity Cubed returned for the first of three such events this summer.

Creativity Cubed 2017 is themed “Faces, Places and Traces of the East Village”, documenting and celebrating 50 years of social and cultural change since the Alamo Sculpture, the “Cube” first arrived on Astor Place. 

Over six colorful and vibrant hours’ visitors created dozens and dozens of mini spinning Cubes, hundreds of different hands added unique brush strokes to the Astor Place community Mural and many, more shared their stories, and read those of others on the Astor Place “Story Cubes”.

Following on from last year the Cube making workshops again proved a huge hit! Led by the creative folks from the Processional Arts Workshop there were almost as many Cubes made in one day, as there were four days last year. Once the Cube maker’s young and old had assembled their Cubes, they then collaged and decorated them using hundreds of images depicting famous and iconic Face, Places and Traces of the East Village. From iconic buildings to, famous faces to pulsating places each Cube had its own unique design and personalized representation of the East Village!

The Astor Place community Mural led by artist and designer, Storm Ritter of the Storm Ritter Studio evolved over six hours. Hundreds of pairs of hands added to the mural their individual brush strokes, styles and colors leading to a rich tapestry telling the story of Astor Place and East Village history, interspersed with a visual commentary on current affairs.

Astor Place and the East Village have been the birthplace of many stories over the past 50 years, with the neighborhood being a nexus point for major cultural and social change. Creativity Cubed, with the Strangers Project, provides a platform for the storytelling and sharing to continue. Creativity Cubed story Cubes featured the stories of hundreds of strangers, while hundreds more visitors wrote and shared their own personal and poignant stories.

If you missed this Creativity Cubed there is good news, the creativity continues at two more Creativity Cubed events! In addition to mini cube making workshops there will be on June 24,, live poetry and poetry workshops with Bowery Poetry and on July 22, Mosaic Workshops with Jim Power, the legendary East Village Mosaic Man!