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Anna Pasztor's Golden Age

Come to Astor Place’s North Plaza to see Anna Pasztor's Golden Age on view today until Saturday, 2pm-6pm.
*Due to weather, there will be no performance on Friday. The performance will continue on Saturday.* This is an interactive installation! Hold up your iPhone camera to the QR code on the display poster to participate.

Being a multidisciplinary artist, the boundaries of different art forms are blurred. Golden Age is an Interactive Installation with Live Body, a hybrid piece of art, which mixes Visual Art, Performance and New Media. It invites the viewer to reflect upon the question: where did technological advances lead us?
In Golden Age the excess combined with self-indulgence is on public display. The viewers are simply put in the position of watching someone else’s public enjoyment, a situation that is so common in the era of the omnipresent social media, and the construction of virtual identities.

Photo Credit: Thank you @brinzenphotography for the wonderful capture!