Six Years of Streetmix and the Future of Civic Engagement - 0

Six Years of Streetmix and the Future of Civic Engagement

Date and Time: Thursday, February 20th @ 6PM to 7PM

Location: Project for Public Spaces @ 740 Broadway #Suite1101, New York NY 10003

In 2013, a team of Code for America fellows built a fun web-based tool to "remix" streets based as a prototype, and now, in 2020, Streetmix is used by thousands of planners, activists and students worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of reconfigured streets have been created. Streetmix has been translated into twelve languages (and growing). And the tool is actively trying to keep up with the fast-changing pace of technology-driven mobility. But Streetmix is not a venture-backed startup looking for a quick exit. It is an open-source, community-first tool designed for long-term sustainability and stability. In this talk, Lou Huang will look at how the world has changed in six years, what has been learned, and extrapolate with a bit of futurecasting: what will Streetmix need to be in the next six years, and how can placemakers be a part of this vision?

Join us Project for Public Spaces in welcoming Lou Huang, a designer, urban planner and civic technologist who founded Streetmix as a Code for America fellow in 2013. Streetmix is a civic engagement platform that makes it really easy and friendly to create new concepts for public space, used by thousands of planners and activists worldwide.

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