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The Worlds Tallest Rhino Sculpture is coming to Astor Place!

The world’s favorite rhino is facing his final days. His name is Sudan, and he’s the planet’s last male Northern White Rhino. Soon, his species could be gone forever...but two internationally renowned artists are determined to make sure his plight won’t be in vain.

Husband-and-wife artistic duo – Gillie and Marc – have teamed up with the Village Alliance,  NYC DOT Art, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Nat Geo WILD, INDE, Intrepid Travel, The Thomas Collective, and many other incredible organizations on a ground-breaking initiative to bring the world’s tallest rhino sculpture to Astor Place, New York City.

The 17-foot sculpture will be unveiled at Astor Place, on March 15th to inspire, educate, and mobilize the global community to raise their voices and affect real change against rhino horn sales. Everyone is invited to get up close and say their goodbyes.

Driven by a false belief in their medicinal benefits, rhino horns are worth more than gold and poaching has condemned the northern white rhinos to the brink of extinction. Only Sudan, his daughter Najiin, and granddaughter Fatu are left.

The last three

One year ago, Gillie and Marc travelled to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya to visit the Northern White Rhinos. It was an experience that shook them to the core, and the artists returned home vowing to dedicate the rest of their lives to protecting rhinos from extinction in the best way they know how—their art! The Last Three is a physical representation of the cause, that will inspire generations and celebrate those who create positive changes in wildlife conservation.

Nat Geo WILD is supporting promotional efforts behind the sculpture’s creation and launch, and INDE is bringing the artwork to life with Augmented Reality technology! Intrepid is creating a special trip to Africa, offering the chance to meet and help endangered rhinos. This is by far the biggest and most daunting project the award-winning monumental sculpture artists have ever undertaken, but they vowed to create a legacy of the Northern White Rhinos before history repeats itself.

Gillie and Marc’s sculpture will be used to raise critical awareness about the plight of the rhinos and ways people can help.

“Our mission is to collect at least 1-million goodbye messages and put them towards a petition for approaching governments about eliminating the demand for rhino horns through education” says Gillie, “You can help by leaving a goodbye message for Sudan before he’s gone forever.”

The artists also hope the sculpture will inspire more donations for Ol Pejeta Conservancy, so they can protect the Northern White Rhinos and fund the IVF program. They have created a dedicated donations page on the project website, so that people can do their part in helping Sudan, Najin and Fatu.

Let’s not let these magnificent lives end in vain. Head to to write your message for the Northern White Rhinos, make a donation, or share a photo with the hashtag #goodbyerhinos.


WHERE: Astor Place, New York City

DATE: March 15, 2018

TIME: 9:00am EST

DETAILS: Everyone welcome