Three New Businesses At Astor Place & St Marks Place - 0
Brodo Broth Co. Astor Place North Plaza
Three New Businesses At Astor Place & St Marks Place - 1
Gem Bing Shop. 9 St. Marks Place
Three New Businesses At Astor Place & St Marks Place - 2
Nobletree Coffee. 37 St. Marks Place

Three New Businesses At Astor Place & St Marks Place


East Village legend, the Brodo Broth Co. is now open on the Astor Place North Plaza with delicious meat and vegetable hot broths by James Beard Award-winning chef, Marco Canora.

In addition to being delicious, their bone broths are nutritional powerhouses. They are high in collagen protein, gelatin, and essential amino acids – all in a form our body easily understands and absorbs, and contain no concentrates, preservatives, or shortcuts.

Their menu features four taste-laden broths -

Hearth Broth, Marco’s smooth and rich signature blend of chicken, turkey and beef broth.

Chicken Broth, clean, classic, perfect, just like grandma’s but even better.

Beef Broth, big, bright, beautiful, grass-fed goodness gingered just right.

Seaweed Mushroom,100% vegan and vegetarian.  Made with organic seaweed, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables.

Visit them soon and experience the warmth and deliciousness for yourself.

Gem Bing Shop

St. Marks Place newcomer Gem Bing Shop brings authentic Beijing street food to the streets of Manhattan offering the legendary Jianbing.

Jianbing literally translates as fried pancake and is a traditional Chinese street food similar to crepes. They are filled with different fillings and sauces, often being eaten for breakfast and hailed, as "one of China's most popular street breakfasts.

Gem Bing Shop at 9 St. Marks Place describe their bings as a “5 layer sensation” with prices starting a modest $5. Filling choices include crunchy Chinese wafers or breadsticks, vegetables like Szchuan pickle or bean sprout, topped with protein choices, which feature braised pig feet, grilled chicken and duck among others.

Wash it all down with handmade soymilk, four-season Oolong tea or organic green tea.

Find out more and see the menu here.

Nobletree Coffee

Nobletree coffee recently opened at 37 St. Marks Place on northwest corner of St. Marks Place and Second Avenue.

Hailing from Brooklyn this is the latest of several NYC locations all of which offer a wide range of South American coffees served in both the café, and being available for home brewing.

Find out more about their coffee and philosophy here.