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There are Things Bubbling on St. Marks Place!

Invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s and a firm favorite of New Yorkers for well over a decade, its only in the last few years that the prevalence of Bubble Tea has really taken hold. Say What? Bubble Tea? If you’ve not tried it here are the basics, the base is either a fruit tea or black tea. A favorite is ‘taro’, a vibrant purple tea with tasting notes of potato and vanilla. Yes, Bubble Tea has tasting notes! Tea is only the beginning of creating the perfect Bubble Tea, jellies, tapioca balls, colored jellies and popping bubbles of gel that burst when bitten all get included in the vibrant mix! St. Marks Place, also known as little Tokyo is home to two bubble teahouses, Nohohon Tea and Kang Fu.

Nohohon Tea on St Mark’s Place is rated by Gothamist as one of the best Bubble Tea’s to be found in New York. Only using organic ingredients imported all their teas are lactose-free, sugar free and they're passionate about not using articifical powders or jellies. Their concise menu of matchas are created in the most traditional of Japanese ways using a tea bowl and bamboo whisk.  Our favorite? The Furano Field! Nohohon Tea is at 9 St. Marks Place and is open Sunday-Wednesday 1pm – 9pm and Thursday – Saturday 1pm – 10pm.  

Kung Fu is a favorite stop for those bubble tea aficionados with a sense of adventure, their menu includes bright and vibrant creations such as Winter Melon Milk Green Tea, Oreo Milk Tea, Strawberry Lemon Green Tea and Mango Slush!