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Handmade Mosaic Buckles: The Perfect Holiday Gift

It's finally the holidays, a thrilling yet often overwhelming time. Stress takes over the holiday season for far too many people, as we feel the pressure to find a gift that fully embodies our love and gratitude for friends and family. While the intentions are golden, stress just isn't right. Holiday shopping for loved ones should be as cheerful as seeing a familiar, smiling face on the street, or taking that luxurious sip of hot chocolate after a frigid walk in the cold. 

For decades now the Mosaic Man's light poles of the Mosaic Trail have been brightening the streets of the East Village, reminding Villagers and their loved ones that they're finally home. The gorgeous designs and colors take anxiety out of people's days, reminding all who pass by that there is beauty in the world despite whatever troubles you may have at the moment. 

Now, the Mosaic Man has taken this neighborhood-wide concept and scaled it down to the invididual East Villager, the quintessential passionate New Yorker, by beautifully hand-crafting  mosaic belt buckles. Each piece is made of the neighborhood's pottery, tiles, coins, pebbles, and more, reflecting its fascinating artistic history and its unique place within New York City as a whole. With a Mosaic Man belt buckle, you and your loved ones can be a part of the art that enlivens and strengthens the East Village every day. 

Don't add to your holiday anxiety and stress, use the power of the mosaic to relieve it. With several designs, styles, and colors, you're bound to find the perfect fit. 

Prices range from $50 to $250, simply email info@villagealliance.org to browse pieces and order.