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Astor Blaster Essential Information

Here are a couple of important things to know so you can have the most awesome night at Astor Blaster.

Essential Info -

  • There are 400 headphones available. Entry to the event is on a first come first serve basis.
  • We recommend arriving early for the chance to secure headphones.
  • The event lasts four hours, as people leave and return headsets, these will be immediately turned over to the next person in the wait line.
  • The disco starts at 6:30pm and finshes approx 10:15pm. Last entry to the event is 9:30pm.
  • The maximum event capacity is 400 people.
  • Location - Astor Place South Plaza by the "Cube". Entry is on the east side of the plaza, opposite the Cooper Union building.
  • Subway - Astor Place (6) or 8th Street (R), (W).

What to Bring

  • You MUST have a credit or debit card for the check-in process. If the headphones are NOT returned, there will be a $100 charge to your credit or debit card after the event.
  • Your friends, and best dance moves!

Please do not Bring

  • Large bags or backpacks, these will not be permitted in the event area.
  • Alcohol. There will be no alcohol on sale or any alcohol permitted in the event zone. However, when you leave you’ll receive a coupon for amazing drinks offers with our six awesome after-party partners. See the image on the right.

How it Works

When you arrive you’ll receive a pair of special wireless headphones. You can adjust the volume and choose between up to three DJ’s with a flip of a switch. Each headset has a color LED that shows what channel you are listening to, so you can dance along with those listening to the same DJ as you. It’s super social; just lower the volume or take the headphones off to talk to that girl or guy. There’s no loud music that you have to talk over. Plus, there’s no ringing in your ears when you leave!

Haven’t been to a silent disco? Check out this video to see what happens!

For further information & LIVE updates visit the Facebook event page and Twitter.