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Creativity Cubed - East Village Faces, Places & Traces

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Creativity Cubed returns to Astor Place this summer, with three opportunities to unleash your creative flair, with arts, crafts, poetry and storytelling , all celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Alamo sculpture, “the Cube”.

The theme of Creativity Cubed 2017 is Faces, Places and Traces, chronicling the changing landscape of the East Village over the last fifty years, during which time the “Cube” has been a nexus of spontaneous urban rituals, community gatherings, creative flash mobs, yarn-bombs, mischievousness and quite simply a symbol of progressive cultural and social change.  

At Creativity Cubed, May 19, you will be able to express your own personal history and experiences of the neighborhood at our FREE “Cube Collage-a-thons” workshops. Artists from Processional Arts Workshop will teach you how to create your own personal spinning mini-cube and collage it with iconic East Village images from the past 50 years – from storefronts to album covers, famous faces to places and iconic graffiti to community gardens.

To tell the whole story of the neighborhood’s last fifty years we are crowd-sourcing a treasure trove of East Village images! We are asking friends, neighbors and community members to send their images for use at the workshops. Share the images of faces, places, and traces you feel best reflect the history, culture, and daily life of the East Village since 1967! 

Your images will be added to the image buffet from which our cube-collagists will compose their cubes. As makers put their own spin on the Cube, their mini-cubes will fan out throughout the city, paying tribute to the Alamo in a spontaneous gesture of truly public art. 

FACES: can be any Village denizen from the past 50 years, its famous figures or its unsung heroes (including your neighbors or yourself!). HINT: Close-up faces work best!

PLACES: any favorite place in the East Village, from the iconic to the everyday. Storefronts, community gardens, graffiti, architectural details, and storied haunts.

TRACES: textures and patterns, every objects and totemic icons, graphics and graffiti…

Images may be emailed in any format to . There will also be an evolving archive of East Village Faces, Places & Traces images for you to compose your own mini-spinning cube!

At Creativity Cubed on May 19, you will also be able to write and share your memories of the “Cube”, Astor Place and the East Village, and read those of others, with the Strangers Project.

“Cube Collage-a-thons” workshops take place at each Creativity Cubed event, 2pm – 8pm on May 19, June and July. Stay tuned for the news about the June and July line-up at Creativity Cubed