Astor Place Poetry Jam - 0

Astor Place Poetry Jam

Alamo (Astor Place Cube)
445 Lafayette Street


The Alamo sculpture, the “Cube”, is fifty this year! Start the festivities at the Astor Poetry Jam, which celebrates National Poetry Month and Earth Day. The FREE festival of poetry, features LIVE poetry slams and readings, poetry writing workshops led by ‘Professor Poets’ from Bowery Poetry and a pop-up gallery of poems and stories in which to immerse yourself.  In partnership with the Academy of American Poets and Bowery Poetry, Astor Poetry Jam brings the joy of poetry to Astor Place with four exciting interactive and poetic experiences.

LIVE Poetry Performances

Live poetry is an experience to behold and some of New York’s finest will be on stage at Astor Poetry Jam. Bowery Poetry headlines the Astor Poetry Jam with an eclectic and diverse mix of readings and Slams. Students from St. John’s University Poetry Society open the festival with readings and a Slam! Throughout the afternoon local poets will present and perform their own work, charting the cultural and social history of the creative powerhouse that is the East Village.

Poetry Workshops

You could be a poet and not know it! Everyone has a poem in them; it just needs unleashing. The Astor Poetry Jam Workshops will provide that opportunity as “Professor Poets” from Bowery Poetry provide FREE lessons on how to create the perfect poem. It does not stop with the writing either, why not take the stage to read and perform your poem to the Astor Poetry Jam audience! You will not be on your own; the on-stage host poets will explain exactly how to wow your audience.

Pause, Read & Immerse

Lose yourself in the pleasure of writing your own poetry and stories, or reading those of others, in our pop-up gallery of poems and stories hosted by the critically acclaimed Strangers Project. Stop by, write your poem and story, and then display it in our gallery for others to enjoy. During the day, we will be collecting hundreds of poems and stories, all written spontaneously, creating a snapshot in time of the thoughts and feelings of New Yorkers.

Write Poetry

Bowery Poetry and their ‘Professor Poets’ will be available with tips about how to write poetry, and some of the nation’s leading poetry organizations will be present with resources to help you appreciate and enjoy poetry daily.