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Astor Blaster Silent Disco

Alamo (Astor Place Cube)
445 Lafayette Street


Astor Place - The Alamo sculpture, the “Cube”, turns 50 this year and to celebrate you can dance the night away at Astor Blaster, the first ever FREE silent disco at Astor Place!

Three live DJ’s will spin their decks with tunes featuring the very best beats of today, with a nod to the musical heritage of the neighborhood. Wearing FREE wireless headsets, guests will dance their way through the sunset and into the night around the iconic Astor Place “Cube” which will be the focal point of a dazzling light and projection show.

Astor Place has long been a focal point of some of New York’s shifting cultural attitudes, often expressed through music with the Folkies, Beatniks and Punks all gravitating towards Astor Place and its legendary venues including CBGB where Patti Smith & the Velvet Underground performed, as well as iconic dance clubs such as The Electric Circus and The Saint.

Admission to Astor Blaster is FREE and wireless headsets will be available on a first come, first served basis. Guests will also have the option of simply dancing to their own music while enjoying the unique opportunity to revel in the middle of Astor Place.

The Astor Blaster turntables start spinning at 6:30pm and will continue until 10:30pm. For revelers wanting to carry on their evening in the neighborhood there will be exclusive Astor Blaster offers available in local bars. 

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The Astor Blaster Silent Disco is powered by our friends at Quiet Events